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Reshaping Outreach Services of University Museums through Innovation and Partnership

The prospect of a nation is revealed through a glance at its universities. This statement is not made exclusively on the basis that the growth of a nation’s hard and soft power relies heavily on the research capabilities of universities; rather, it recognizes the fact that, in the Knowledge Age, the ascending educational impacts of universities can make an equal, if not greater, contribution to the cultural and economic prosperity of a nation.

Today, universities constantly explore new pathways to circulate their intellectual assets beyond the academic community and the “brick and mortar” campus. Their museums have become a pivotal channel through which the efforts of diverse communities can be joined, enabling the “torch of knowledge” to be passed on to bearers from different socioeconomic backgrounds. In recent years, university museums have further enhanced their educational and communicative functions by taking advantage of the wave of interdisciplinary innovations and embracing cross-sector partnerships.

In accordance with this trend, our research symposium is being held with Reshaping Outreach Services of University Museums through Innovation and Partnership as its main theme. We cordially invite you to share your views and offer fresh perspectives on the outreach services of university museums. Relevant topics should include, but are not limited to:

We believe that the 2014 APRU Research Symposium on University Museums will encourage the sharing of ideas and explore new possibilities of increasing the public value of universities, museums as well as business organizations. We look forward to your fine contributions, and greatly appreciate your participation.




The APRU University Museum Research Symposium is an open forum for discussion of related issues to university museums. The contents of the presentations by individuals or groups are theirs alone. APRU and National Taiwan University neither endorse nor disclaim the conclusions, interpretations or opinions expressed by the presenters.